11 Best AI Writing Software of 2022 [Ranked & Reviewed]

Best AI Writing Software in 2022

Robots can now write your content, so you don’t have to.

Artificial intelligence (AI) writing tools are getting smarter. They take away the fear of the blank page, and give you the start you need for writing great content.

Hundreds of thousands of people and businesses are now using AI text generators for writing anything!

You can write articles, emails, product listings, advertisements, headlines, website content, letters, FAQs, lyrics, stories, testimonials, job descriptions, interview questions and so much more.

It’s time to join the AI trend and get your content generated automatically a-sap!

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links where I may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. However, these tools are the best AI text generators for AI copywriting on the market. You can read my full affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.

What Are The Best AI Writing Software?

AI writing tools are perfect for businesses and writers who lack time, topic ideas or writing skills, or just need a great head start or need their own content reviewed.

These artificial intelligence bots do the heavy lifting on research and hand you a content piece written better than most humans.

Regardless of your content writing requirements, here are the best AI writing software to try this year:


Best for turbo-charging new ideas and clear content that gets results (Free and from $35/month)

Try CopyAI


Overcome your content creation challenges by using CopyAI to reach your goals.

CopyAI is a writing tool that helps you with writing compelling content for your product, service, or business.

With its unique AI technology, it learns from the best in the industry and helps you create better content in less time.

Key Features:

  • One-click, self-learning AI copywriter
  • Creates human-like content that drives conversions
  • Built on top of GPT-3, the world’s most advanced AI language model from OpenAI
  • Easily create Blog Posts, Product Descriptions, Digital Ad Copy, Website Copy, Promotional Copy and Social Media Content

Attend Daily Live Demos to learn how to use CopyAI everyday at 9am Pacific / 11am Central / 12pm Eastern.


CopyAI Pricing

All plans include 25+ multiple languages and 90+ copywriting tools.

  • Free Plan:
    • Perfect for testing
    • 10 credits per mth
    • 100 bonus credits for the first month
  • Pro Plan (from $35 per/mth):
    • See 40% discount offer below
    • Perfect for small businesses
    • Unlimited credits and projects
    • Priority support
    • Access to newest features
    • Premium community
  • Team Plan (custom pricing):
    • See 40% discount offer below
    • Perfect for larger teams
    • Unlimited credits and projects
    • Priority support
    • Access to our newest features
    • Premium community
    • Collaboration features

Final Thoughts:

In the race to innovate and differentiate, you can now out-write your competitors.

In an instant, you can have fresher, better, and more persuasive content.

Get started with CopyAI by using my link to receive a one-time offer of 40% off for the first year if you upgrade to the paid plan within 4 days of starting your trial.

This is an EXCLUSIVE deal that is only available by using my link to unlock this limited-time deal to avoid losing this deal forever.


Best for instant content generation (Free and from $25/month)

Try Peppertype ai


Peppertype.ai is your one-stop AI copywriting shop with 20,000 users who are saving time generating high quality content automatically.

Peppertype.ai will generate ideas for you to help you with writing the first draft, correct, improve and polish.

Key Features:

  • Peppertype.ai will generate ideas for your blog, YouTube videos, Tweets and more. You hardly have to think at all.
  • It will then write for whichever purpose you tell it to: the body of a blog, wording for a Facebook ad, promotional content and e-commerce writing.
  • It can then improve what was written – expanding, rewriting and altering to get a better result.
  • Peppertype.ai will also write responses to customer reviews.


Peppertype ai Pricing

  • Starter Plan (from $25 per user/mth):
    • From 1-20 users
    • Unlimited content creation
    • More than 20 content types
  • Growth Plan (from $165/mth):
    • From 5 users
    • Unlimited content creation
    • Collaboration
    • Access control options

Final Thoughts:

Peppertype.ai is an AI writing software that really does seem to do everything and caters for everyone.

Try Peppertype.ai today to create over 100 copies.


Best all-in-one writing platform (Free and from $29/month)

Try Rytr today


Rytr is an AI writing tool that is loved by almost one million writers to seamlessly generate great content to save you time and money.

Read my article on Rytr:  13 Popular Reasons Rytr Tribe Loves AI Writer Rytr

Rytr can help with writing using over 20 tones of voice, and create content that is original and catchy, so that you can pick the content you like best.

Key Features:

Rytr creates content using GPT-3 (third generation Generative Pre-trained Transformer), a machine learning model to generate any type of text using internet data.

GPT-3 enables the creation of finished pieces that readers often cannot distinguish between articles written by Rytr or humans.

Rytr’s strength is generating ideas for you.

It helps if you have something in mind to start with, so you can guide it to where you want it to go.

Once you have a topic, you can use that input to direct Rytr to focus on a specific field of content, or ask it to generate ideas with stories based on your brand.

The output produced by Rytr is more than adequate for the purposes of digital marketing, products, informational blogging and so much more.

It will even work out your search engine optimization.


Rytr Pricing

  • Free: 5000 characters per month
  • Premium plan (from $29/mth or $290 per year): All features, 20+ tones of voice, 30+ multiple languages, 30+ use cases, human support and more

Final Thoughts:

If what you need is simple AI writing software that can pick up an idea and hand you finished content, then Rytr will do that, and cheaply.

Rytr is regarded as the best AI writer.

Get started today.


Best for writing marketing copy (Free and from $15/month)

Try Writesonic


A relative newcomer, Writesonic is an AI writing software that excels at writing marketing content.

Writesonic is used for writing advertisements, landing pages, product guides, blogs and generates ideas for you based on your initial instructions.

Key Features:

  • Writesonic delivers high-performing content suitable for your audience.
  • Choose from 40+ copy templates to produce website content, advertisements, emails and articles.
  • Writesonic produces SEO-optimised descriptions for your website that are unique and creative.
  • Save countless hours by automating your copywriting with Writesonic.
  • Their team is also happy to build custom features specific to your business.


Writesonic Pricing

  • Basic (from $15/mth): 75 credits; for personal use
  • Professional (from $45/mth): Unlimited credits; for freelancers
  • Startup (from $95/mth): Unlimited credits; for startups and small businesses
  • Agency ($195/mth): Unlimited credits; for businesses agencies

Final Thoughts:

Writesonic helps you to become a better writer and also saves you an extensive amount of time by doing the topic research for you.

Take Writesonic for a test drive by starting a trial today to generate high-converting copy.


Best for finishing draft copies 2-5x faster (From $24/month)

Try Jasper best AI writing tool


Conversion AI invented Jasper – a sophisticated AI writer that:

  • learns how you like your material
  • reads the internet for you to find resources
  • gets your content written without much effort on your part.

Key Features:

  • Jasper has 50+ copywriting templates and will perform any section of the content process on which you tell it to.
  • Jasper can help to set up your initial idea, get you started on a piece, or bulk out that piece according to what it has learned about you.
  • This means that whichever area is your weakness, Jasper can bridge that gap.
  • For those who like to come up with their own ideas, many Jasper users advise writing a sentence or two first.
  • Jasper will go find information useful to you, then hand the piece back to you ready for editing and flourish.


Jasper pricing for best AI writing tool

  • Starter (from $24/mth):
    • 20,000 Words
    • Up to 10 users
    • Short Copywriting
    • Good Context
    • 50+ Templates
    • 25+ Languages
    • Unlimited Project Folders
    • and more!
  • Boss Mode (from $49/mth):
    • 50,000 Words
    • Up to 10 users
    • Long Content
    • Great Context
    • 50+ Templates
    • 25+ Languages
    • Documents
    • Jasper Commands
    • SEO Mode
    • Recipes
    • Plagiarism Checker
    • Grammarly
    • Unlimited Project Folders
    • and much more!

Boss Mode opens up a more precise version of Jasper where you can instruct it to write exactly what you want.

Final Thoughts:

As an AI writing software, Jasper will do most anything you need it to, powerfully and quickly, and is ideal for writers seeking a professional tool.

Give Jasper a try today!

INK Editor

Best for creating sales and marketing content (Free and from $29/month)

Try INK Editor


INK Editor is the specialist in sales copy used by over 200K marketers.

It will correct your spelling and grammar, though its strength is in its ability to create marketing-based content that fits in with marketing models and formats.

INK Editor is the marketing content creator of AI writing tools.

Key Features:

  • INK Editor will proofread your spelling and grammar, and make your articles rank with key phrases.
  • INK Editor is made to write copy and will check what you write for search engine optimization effectiveness as you go.
  • The professional version will also write and arrange your articles to fit sales copy advice using AIDA format (i.e. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action).
  • INK Editor is a downloadable desktop app which is installed directly onto your computer.


INK Editor Pricing

  • INK Free:
    • Checks 10 articles per month for spelling and grammar
    • Checks your search engine optimization one key phrase at a time
  • INK Pro (from $29/mth):
    • Billed annually
    • Write up to 50,000 words per month
    • Unlimited articles for one user
    • Scans for multiple SEO key phrases at a time
    • Offers plenty of INK Tools
  • INK Pro Unlimited (from $82/mth):
    • Unlimited content per month
    • Team management
    • Three users

Final Thoughts:

INK is an AI writing software with one goal in its robotic mind: To help you with writing sales copy focussed on search engine optimization.

If that’s what you need, INK is ideal for you.

Give INK a try today.

By clicking on our link and signing up, INK will add a one-time bonus of 1,000 words to your account.

One point yields 1 AI-generated output.


Best for creating high-performing descriptions and ads at warp speed! (From $19/month)

Try Copysmith


Automatically generate high-performing Google & Facebook advertisements, guides, taglines, SEO metatags, and more.

With Copysmith you get a dozen advertisements at the click of a button.

Whether you’re a bootstrapping startup or a marketing agency, you know the importance of creating great copy.

With Copysmith, writer’s block is just a distant memory.

Powered by AI, Copysmith merges technology and creativity to set your marketing team up for unprecedented quality and speed.

Key Features:

  • Export your generations as CSV
  • Unique URL to share list of copy
  • Edit your copy and see how it will show up on Facebook, and Instagram
  • Manage your campaigns cross-platform all in the same place
  • Upvote/downvote functionality
  • Plagiarism checks
  • Bulk upload CSV (Enterprise Plan only)
  • Team collaboration features – share your copy with teammates and get their feedback
  • Chrome extension
  • Shopify app

Upcoming Product Releases:

  • Integrations with Google/FB Ads Manager, WordPress, etc.
  • Automatic image search from Unsplash for Facebook/Instagram ads
  • Adwords integration to deploy Google Ads directly from Copysmith
  • Much more!


Copysmith Pricing

All plans include copy in 60+ Languages.

  • Starter ($19/mth):
    • For individuals looking to get started
    • Integration with Google Docs, Chrome Extension
    • In-App Support via Chat and Email
    • Credits – 50/mth
    • Plagiarism Checks – 20/mth
    • Free Form Smart Editor – 25/mth
  • Professional ($59/mth):
    • For the power user taking their copy to the next level
    • Integration with Google Docs & Ads, Shopify, Frase SEO Enhancer, Chrome Extension
    • In-App Support via Chat and Email
    • Credits – Unlimited
    • Plagiarism Checks – 100/mth
    • Ali’s Expertise
    • Free Form Smart Editor – Unlimited
  • Teams ($118/mth for two users):
    • For small team collaboration across projects
    • Includes all features in the Professional plan
    • Teams & Collaboration including Workflow queue, Project & file sharing, Bulk copy
    • Plagiarism Checks – 500/mth
  • Enterprise (contact for pricing):
    • For businesses looking for unlimited creation and control
    • Includes all features in the Teams plan
    • Teams & Collaboration also includes Bulk import & export, Custom templates
    • In-App Support also includes an Account Manager
    • Plagiarism Checks – Unlimited

Final Thoughts:

Copysmith is an amazing new tool for generating high-performing copy for all your marketing needs, from Google/Facebook/Instagram ads, product descriptions, landing pages and more.

Sign up for your trial today!


Best for creating accurate content using state-of-the-art AI writing models (From $29/month)

Try AI-Writer


Create better content faster with AI-Writer within two minutes.

Write full-length article drafts that are always fresh and relevant, unique and original, and SEO-friendly and authoritative.

Make your existing content work harder for you by using AI-Writer‘s rewording capability to rewrite existing text about any topic.

Key Features:

  • Research & Write: Generates unique article drafts just from a headline
  • Text Rewording: Rewords existing content within two minutes so that you have new text and don’t attract duplicate content penalties
  • Verifiable Citations: Provides a list of sources that you can manually verify for accuracy
  • SEO-Focused Text Editor: SEO Editor helps you find the right phrases that search engines are looking for


AI-Writer Pricing Plans

All plans include:

  • AI text generator
  • SEO Editor
  • Text rewording
  • API access
  • Yearly subscriptions with 2 Months free

AI-Writer pricing plans:

  • Basic Plan ($29/mth):
    • For solopreneurs, bloggers, and startups managing one or two blogs
    • Up to 40 articles
    • 1 user
  • Standard Plan ($59/mth):
    • For freelancers writing oodles of content each month
    • Up to 150 articles
    • 1 user
  • Power Plan ($375/mth):
    • For everyone with some serious demand for fresh content
    • Up to 1000 articles
    • 10 user

Final Thoughts:

Save up to 50% of your time using AI-Writer‘s AI-generated text that is SEO optimised using data driven keyword research.

Start a trial of AI-Writer today.


Best for writing persuasive letters, ads and emails (From $20.99/month)

Try ClosersCopy today


ClosersCopy helps you with writing blogs, promotional letters and emails that speak to the desires of your audience.

You can increase your productivity by creating reusable frameworks, templates and workflows.

Through ClosersCopy‘s community libraries you can access 300+ frameworks and 30+ workflows that have been shared by other members.

Key Features:

  • Longform continuously writes copy for promotional pages, blogs and articles with no limits or restrictions
  • 300+ plug and play marketing frameworks based on completing a text box and let AI write your advertisements, outlines and social media posts
  • 30+ plug and play marketing workflows to work through connected frameworks in a step-by-step fashion
  • Insights – to identify weaknesses
  • Wizard – to help with writing copy, step by step
  • Teams – to collaborate
  • 120+ Languages, Multilingual AI
  • Fluent – Frameworks Extension
  • Markdown – format with your keyboard
  • Swipe – build your own swipe file
  • Templates – just “fill in the blanks”
  • Spice up your copy with Powerful and Sensory words
  • Thesaurus – lookup synonyms without switching tabs
  • Keyboard Shortcuts – work conveniently
  • Custom AI – feed the AI with your own sample data to super-targeted AI content
  • 3 x AI Models – for selling, blogging and writing stories
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to to optimize your own unique copy
  • Full-fledged text editor: formatting, images, tables, emojis, outline


ClosersCopy Pricing

All plans include the following and features such as Compete, Longform, Frameworks, Workflows, Insights, Wizard, Fluent, Markdown, Swipe, Template Library, Thesaurus and Shortcuts:

  • Drag & Drop Copy Builder
  • 18,000+ Copy Examples
  • 1,000+ Power Words Lookup
  • Emotions Analysis
  • Sentence Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Spam Analysis
  • Voice Analysis
  • Downloads
  • Updates

The ClosersCopy team provides all members with guidance and advice.

  • Starter (from $20.99/mth):
    • 75 runs per month
    • ~45,000 words
    • 50,000 characters /month
  • Professional (from $34.99/mth):
    • 200 runs per month
    • ~120,000 words
    • 200,000 characters /month
  • Unlimited (from $55.99/mth):
    • Unlimited runs and characters
    • Teams (3 additional seats)

Final Thoughts:

You can train ClosersCopy to use your very own custom frameworks to generate the output the way you like in your tone and your way of writing.

ClosersCopy is the perfect tool box for a copywriter and produces high quality content. Sign up today.


Best for immediate advanced writing advice (Free and from $12/month)

Try Grammarly today


Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant with an advanced spelling and grammar checker, that can also search the internet and perform a plagiarism check.

Grammarly can do a lot more than just correct spelling and grammar mistakes and grammar checking.

Key Features:

  • Grammarly will sit quietly on the side as you type your documents, and advise how each sentence could be written better.
  • Grammarly will analyse your writing as you go, fixing typos and errors, suggest better ways to express yourself and what might work better for readability.
  • Grammarly’s plagiarism checker also helps you to detect plagiarism in your documents and documents written by others.
  • Grammarly provides clarity-focused sentence rewrite suggestions, makes tone adjustments and checks word choices.


Grammarly Pricing

Grammarly Pricing Free and Premium

  • Free: Basic writing suggestions
  • Premium (from $12/mth): Assists with improving style, tone and clarity

Final Thoughts:

You’ll become a more confident and better writer with Grammarly supporting you all the way.

Give Grammarly a try today.


Best for paraphrasing and summarising (Free and from $6.67/month)

Try QuillBot you will love it


Quillbot can work alongside other AI writing assistants to provide a variety of better phrases to either lengthen, shorten or provide alternatives for what you want to say.

Quillbot will check your grammar and spelling, as do most AI writing assistant software, but it will also scale up and down your writing, expanding a phrase out to length, or shortening it down to be concise.

Key Features:

Quillbot’s Summarizer has the potential to vastly increase your daily reading and writing capacity.

Not only will you get through more writing in a day, but you will be more informed on each topic.

It provides you with a Too Long Didn’t Read version of otherwise long, dry material.

Quillbot will help you to make your writing more interesting, with modes from standard ‘Just check my grammar’ all the way to ‘Change my stuff, Quillbot – do what you will and get creative’.

Quillbot also takes care of your citations with its citation generator for referencing styles including APA, MLA and Chicago Style.


QuillBot Pricing Free and Premium

QuillBot Premium Pricing

  • Free: The free plan will paraphrase up to 700 characters for you, or summarise up to 5000 characters.
  • Premium (from $6.67 per mth): The Premium version has three pricing options and includes 10,000 characters of paraphrasing, 25,000 summarised characters, 15 sentences at a time, and more writing modes and synonym options.

Final Thoughts:

Quillbot is an AI content generator made for writers who need help with paraphrasing, summarising and citation.

It enhances the power of what a writer can do – search deeply and more widely, get creative with phrases, and save all the time you’d normally spend finding source material and citing references.

Try Quillbot today, directly on their website.

What Is AI Writing Software?

Artificial intelligence (AI) writing software are AI text generators for AI copywriting.

AI writing assistants have machine learning capabilities to increase the speed of the writing process, produce high quality content and can generate content ideas for writers.

The AI text generator applies deep learning to produce real time suggestions, original content and well written content that attracts more organic traffic due to SEO capabilities.

An AI article writer is perfect for creative writing as it uses natural language processing to learn and understand content like humans can to produce creative text and conversational insights.

With an AI content generator you can avoid writer’s block and it can help with writing or fine tuning video scripts, social media posts, long form content, blog posts that are tailored to your target audience.

Content writers using an AI writer for composing emails are enjoying real time error free proofreading because within just a few seconds they are notified about errors.

The browser extension feature of an AI content generator, especially the Chrome extension, is very useful because it allows the content writer to use the tool across all websites, even while using Google Docs.

Content marketers who usually face writer’s block when it comes to writing headings can auto generate catchy titles and subtitles, allowing them to save time.

These sophisticated tools are bringing new and exciting changes for how content is produced for businesses, and are revolutionising how writing connects with both readers and search engines.

The past few years has seen significant growth in AI generated text tools that are even used as a paraphrasing tool to extend the life of existing content.

While most of the paid plans offer monthly subscriptions, the annual subscriptions offer impressive savings. Which one will you choose?


AI software are gaining strength and capability.

In time, those who have embraced AI writing are likely to outpace those who have not.

In summary, the best AI writing software include:

  • CopyAI – Best for turbo-charging new ideas and clear content that gets results (Free and from $35/mth)
  • Peppertype.ai – Best for instant content generation (Free and from $25/mth)
  • Rytr – Best all-in-one writing platform (Free and from $29/mth)
  • Writesonic – Best for writing marketing copy (Free and from $15/mth)
  • Jasper – Best for finishing draft copies 2-5x faster (From $24/mth)
  • INK Editor – Best for creating sales and marketing content (Free and from $29/mth)
  • Copysmith – Best for creating high-performing descriptions and ads at warp speed! (From $19/mth)
  • AI-Writer – Best for creating accurate content using state-of-the-art AI writing models (From $29/mth)
  • ClosersCopy – Best for writing persuasive letters, ads and emails (From $20.99/mth)
  • Grammarly – Best for immediate advanced writing advice (Free and from $12/mth
  • QuillBot – Best for paraphrasing and summarising (Free and from $6.67/mth)

Publishing content is a race against time and the sheer convenience and efficiency of AI text generators and AI copywriting are making these tools an essential investment for everyone.

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